Position Name Phone Email Address
President Heather Brant 317-604-9527 brsapresident@gmail.com
Vice President Melissa DuVall 217-597-9310 brsavicepresident@gmail.com
Secretary Open Position
Treasurer Kristin Parker 317-512-8411 kmparker1204@gmail.com
Assignor / Community Day Coordinator / Newsletter Editor Jana Dorsey 317-512-0252 janarph@aol.com
Registrar Nella Hoover 317-512-3791 brsa46176@gmail.com
Legal Counsel Curt Johnson curtjohnson73@gmail.com
Director of Community Soccer Melissa DuVall 217-597-9310 brsadirectorofrec@gmail.com
Director of Travel Autum Hernandez  317-775-0035  lahernandez2006@gmail.com
Director of Coaches and Player Education Committee Scott Todd 317-512-9646 pstodd@hotmail.com
Director of Referees Jana Dorsey 317-512-0252 janarph@aol.com
Director of Field and Facilities Maintenance Marc Dorsey 317-512-0253 Marc.dorsey@yahoo.com
Director of Sponsorship Open Position
Webmaster Jay Robinson 317-946-0604 downshiftdata@gmail.com

Minutes from our Board of Directors meetings can be found on our News and Notes page.