We ask that all participants and spectators obey the following rules while at the fields.

  • No pets are allowed at the fields. Even if they are on a leash or in a carrier, you will be asked to remove them from the fields.
  • Smoking and alcohol are not allowed at the fields.
  • Please do not allow children to climb on the goals. This includes hanging from the bars, climbing up the nets, etc. We need to respect the fields and equipment. If a board member or coach sees someone playing on goals, they will be told to stop.
  • Equipment (goals and benches) must not be moved. Goals are suppose to be staked down for player safety and are put in place where they need to be. Benches need to stay on the fields they are on. Please do not move a bench so you have some place to sit during practice or game.
  • During games, coaches and players ONLY should be on the player’s sideline. All parents and visitors must be on the parent sideline. Please do not sit on the ends of the fields (where goals are). You will most likely be asked to move if you are. Spectators also need to be at least 3 feet away from the field to allow players and refs room to move.
  • We expect players, coaches, parents, and visitors to demonstrate good sportsmanship. This includes only positive statements on the sidelines during the games, not putting players down or making fun of them, allowing the refs to do their job, among other things. If someone is causing a disruption, please come to the concession stand and let the board member there know. We do have the right to ask someone to leave the fields.
  • Lastly, please remember that we are here for the kids to learn and have fun. All of the coaches and board members are volunteers, and are generous with their time and talents to make this a great club. We couldn’t survive without volunteers.

Thank you for your cooperation!